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Simple interventions could cut violence against women

Measures such as better street lighting, training the police and enforcing gun control can effect real change

Despite Twitter appeal, Mboweni has little wiggle room in medium term budget

Much of the MTBPS was finalised before Mboweni’s appointment was announced following the resignation of his predecessor Nhlanhla Nene

Editorial: Give us more like Fuzile

The director general of the treasury, Lungisa Fuzile, has given a shining example of what a public servant should be like.

Viva to the SA pencil-pushing angels who simply do their jobs

Chris Mann wonders whether it is elitist to cherish a burning desire to see the great South African dream come true.

No consensus on officials’ salary freeze

Insiders have debunked President Jacob Zuma's claim that government employees support his proposal of a salary freeze for a year.

Zimbabwe: Public servants’ salary protest puts MDC in firing line

Stung by the rejection of their salary demands, Zimbabwean public servants staged nationwide protests in a bid to force the government's hand.

Forcing politicians to use public services will make a difference

In a letter to the president and the DA, the national co-ordination committee of the national Imbizo asks politicians to start using public services.

Who are the essential service workers?

Neither the government nor the unions made use of a mediation mechanism that could have avoided the recent month-long strike.

Strikers dance as hospital patients are left high and dry

Crowds of healthcare workers sang and danced as they protested outside Natalspruit Hospital in Thokoza on Wednesday, watched by the police.

Cosatu strikes out at high office

Economic policy change the core motivation for labour mass action, says general secretary.

Strikers dance as patients are left high and dry

Crowds of healthcare workers sang and danced as they protested outside Natalspruit Hospital in Thokoza on Wednesday, watched by the police.

Erwin aims to profit from inside info

Ex-minister and his DG set up a company closely connected to their old jobs.

PSA public-service strike under way

The Public Servants' Association (PSA) said it was difficult to gauge the effects of a strike that got under way on Thursday.

Strike looms as wage talks stall

Unions representing 1,3-million government employees have given PSA Minister Richard Baloyi until next week to improve the government's wage offer.

It’s our job, finish and klaar

Imagine how many South Africans could have been spared falling victim to violent crime had the police not been rotting, like a fish, from the head.

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State’s failure to act leaves Mpumalanga community at land grabbers’ mercy

Mpumalanga land claimants have been failed by state organs, whose officials are not helping them to remove land invaders, despite a court order

Judicial committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for SA-Israel remarks

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

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