Adam Haupt

The first-ever dictionary of South Africa’s Kaaps language has launched – why it matters

It’s been in existence since the 1500s but the Kaaps language, synonymous with Cape Town in South Africa, has never had a dictionary until now

Black Lives Matter? Which black lives?

In South Africa, police brutality and violence affect black, working- class lives in particular. We must dismantle this systemic oppression

The humanities can cure our colonial, patriarchal hangover

Two academic articles raise questions about the inherent racism and sexism in scientific methodologies and research ethics

Malema and the like are no different to Trump

The so-called left in South Africa treats the media in much the same way as the US president, pointing to a troubling slide towards fascism

What’s so crazy about free tertiary education?

The state misspends and decolonised education is delayed until we have a different economic system, writes Adam Haupt.

​UCT’s Max Price was right to disinvite Flemming Rose, but he insulted students

The vice-chancellor rightly withdrew the Jyllands-Posten editor's invitation. But failure to consult the student body was unwise.

It matters who teaches you, Graça

It is not enough to say the curriculum is transformative, argues Adam Haupt.

‘Are Die Antwoord blackface?’

Adam Haupt explores the idea in this edited extract of his book "Static: Race and Representation in Post-Apartheid Music, Media and Film".

Born-frees have precious little freedom

The gang rape of a teenager and the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old girl tell us a great deal about the failures of news media as well as the state.

Gang rape, murder: Are these children truly ‘born free’?

The gang rape of a teenager and the shooting of a 12-year-old girl tell us as much as about the failures of news media as they do about the state.

Media Tribunal: Why Stop There?

The ruling party should regulate all heretical texts and performances across every medium, argues <b>Adam Haupt</b>.

We dare not erase ‘race’ from debate

There has been much debate at the University of Cape Town since Professor David Benatar's inaugural lecture on Justice, Diversity and Affirmative Action several weeks ago. Benatar essentially argues that ''race is a lazy proxy for disadvantage'' and that affirmative action ''does not succeed'', writes Adam Haupt.

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