Herman Wasserman

Study sheds light on scourge of ‘fake’ news in Africa

Disinformation in Africa often takes the form of extreme speech inciting violence and spreading racist, misogynous, xenophobic messages

Born-frees have precious little freedom

The gang rape of a teenager and the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old girl tell us a great deal about the failures of news media as well as the state.

Gang rape, murder: Are these children truly ‘born free’?

The gang rape of a teenager and the shooting of a 12-year-old girl tell us as much as about the failures of news media as they do about the state.

The devil or the deep blue sea?

The SABC is not the only public broadcaster marred by internal wrangling. Its British counterpart the BBC grapples with its own problems, writes Herman Wasserman.

The Queen and I

Tony Blair's attack on the media in his last days in power seemed like a sharp U-turn. In his early days as prime minister, he was the one who urged the Queen to embrace the postmodern media culture where celebrities were the new royals, writes Herman Wasserman.

Is our media (still) racist?

For the media to contribute to a more non-racial society, it has to do more than avoid explicit racial stereotypes, racist hate speech or the linking of race with crime, writes Herman Wasserman.

Ready to Adapt

New definitions of Afrikaans audiences are reflected in an Afrikaans press that's adapting rapidly, writes Herman Wasserman. Old stereotypes are being challenged by a more inclusive and ever-evolving consciousness.

Economic democracy breeds non-racialism

Only by narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor will we be able to change the ways we define ourselves as South Africans.

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