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Comedian Zelensky wins Ukraine presidency in landslide

Volodymyr Zelensky, whose only previous political role was playing the president in a TV show, trounced incumbent Petro Poroshenko

Russia loses contact with Angolan satellite

The incident involving the Russian-made Angosat-1 followed a similar one in November when Russia lost contact with a weather satellite

Thousands march over death of Putin critic

Tens of thousands of people marched in central Moscow on Sunday to honour slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down near the Kremlin.

Russia’s falling stock market faces new sanctions

A day after a US ratings agency downgraded ?Russia to "junk" status, the country's index fell by 3%. Russia could also face new sanctions.

Russia prepares to cut Ukraine’s gas after talks fail

Europe could face gas supply disruptions after Ukraine failed to broker an 11th-hour deal with Russia.

Russians brave cold in bid to oust Putin

Tens of thousands of Russians are set to march through Moscow, braving freezing temperatures to challenge Vladimir Putin's grip on power.

Russia rocked by renewed mass anti-Putin rally

Russia came to terms with its second mass opposition rally within a month which was even bigger and more sharply critical of strongman Vladimir Putin.

Kremlin panel urges new polls, firing of election chief

In a damning statement, the Kremlin's rights panel has called for the resignation of Russia's election chief and snap parliamentary elections.

Medvedev wants new term, but won’t compete with Putin

President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday added to the uncertainty surrounding Russia's 2012 presidential polls, saying he wanted a second term.

Flying donkey’ shocks Russian holidaymakers

A donkey attached to a parasail and sent soaring above the beaches of southern Russia has stunned holidaymakers and prompted a police enquiry.

Russia, Ukraine face New Year gas showdown

Russia is heading towards another New Year's showdown with the embattled Ukrainian government over its failure to pay off gas debts.

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