Anton Harber

How investigative journalists helped turn the tide against corruption in SA

Investigative journalists and civil society played a crucial role in bringing a country in the clutches of patronage networks back from the brink.

Campaigning journalist was a  ‘mensch’

Eddie Koch was a relentlessly determined reporter and the people he wrote about mattered

Two books that tell the unsettling tale of South Africa’s descent

South Africa has produced two must-read thrillers in the past week. They are non-fiction, yet are as gripping and readable as any page-turner.

David Beresford: Reporter who was also a great writer

David Beresford was known and admired by his peers for his dedication to the craft of journalism.

Investigative reporter David Beresford saw the big picture

David Beresford was known and admired by his peers for his dedication to the craft of journalism, writes seasoned journalist Anton Harber.

Unbanned and uncertain: How we found new purpose

The unbanning of political parties and the end of emergency media laws meant the Weekly Mail had to reassess its role.

Gordimer: A leader quite prepared to grubby herself in struggle politics

It was 1988, Salman Rushdie had been 'disinvited' from the Weekly Mail Book Week and SA literature ­giants were at loggerheads, recalls Anton Harber.

Honour outs revolutionary newsman

Founding co-editor of the "Weekly Mail" Irwin Manoim has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Wits University.

Naspers: Going for a global empire

An edited extract from Anton Harber's e-book sheds light on Naspers boss, Koos Bekker.

Sorry, De Klerk, the UDF beat you to it

​In an extraordinary diplomatic turnabout, President-elect FW de Klerk has been upstaged by the UDF leaders currently touring Western capitals.

What UDF group will tell Bush: Increase the pressure

​Tighten financial sanctions against South Africa- that's what United Democratic Front leaders will tell US President George Bush this morning.

Don’t queue-jump, FW

Before De Klerk can get close to Bush, he'll have to let UDF leaders see the President.

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