Cayleigh Bright

Q&A Sessions: Mari Stimie and opera’s next act

The producer spoke to Cayleigh Bright on the day the Cape Town Opera returned to rehearsals after almost six months of lockdown about the future-proof transcendence, resilience and relatability of opera

A South African Solution

A tech-based approach with a human touch is reaching victims of gender-based violence – and, critically, its perpetrators

Lessons for our future

Tech-enabled education is more than just replicating classrooms online, and Africa needs to embrace the power of tech urgently

Immediate challenges for long-term learning

Implemented as emergency measures, some changes to higher education such as increased online learning seem to be worth keeping

Small fires and flattened curves

A co-ordinated response and collaboration are key to minimising Covid-19’s effects, say experts

Private preparation = public protection

There are now several South African initiatives that have stepped up to the plate to support our healthcare workers’ needs

Can you picture this?

Present Tense

Early birds

Present Tense

Let’s get some rest

Wander List

More than you can chew

Food inequality is a complex issue – to achieve food security, we need complex interventions from various sectors of society

How do we support teachers’ mental health?

It's vital for those who safeguard the wellbeing of learners at every level to be happy and healthy themselves

Building your own business

We need to become perpetual students, and the range of training offerings just keeps increasing

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