Chris Francescani

Alleged al-Qaeda figure pleads not guilty in court

Following the capture of Abu Anas al-Liby in Tripoli by armed US forces, the suspected senior al-Qaeda member has pleaded not guilty in a US court.

Zimmerman apologises for killing US teen

George Zimmerman has apologised to the family of the black Florida teenager he shot dead in a surprise testimony before being granted bail.

Occupy Wall Street protests foiled by authorities

New York police have prevented protesters from shutting down Wall Street, arresting more than 200 people in repeated clashes.

Eviction thins ranks of anti-Wall Street protest

Less than two dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters have stayed over in a downtown park that had been home to hundreds before the city cleared the site.

Mayor Bloomberg lashes out at Occupy Wall Street protesters

New York's billionaire mayor has lashed out at Occupy Wall Street protesters, calling them despicable after reports of self-policing in the movement.

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