David Smith

Mysteries behind Battle of Bangui

A new book offers unprecedented insight into South Africa’s strange relationship with the Central African Republic

De Klerk’s paradoxical presence

Although leaders of the reconciliation era accept South Africa's last white president, younger politicians are not as forgiving

Moz lifts gay laws but queer fight goes on

Activists describe Mozambique as a tolerant society but say LGBT people still face a long struggle for full equality.

South Africa sends lions to repopulate Rwanda reserves

Seven big cats have been donated to Rwanda, restoring the predator to the East African country after a 15-year absence.

Bashir set to tighten grip on Sudan

The country's leader has claimed victory in polls censured by opposition parties and the West.

SA mercenaries are ‘giving Boko Haram a hiding’

The vexed leftovers of the apartheid military are reportedly turning the tide in Nigeria.

Chirpy Mugabe plays to the gallery and lays into Blair

Robert Mugabe, on a rare state visit to South Africa this week, spoke off the cuff in a monologue that varied from pointed to rambling to witty.

Long Walk to Freedom sequel to hit bookshops next year

Pan Macmillan announces it has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights to the book which is likely to tackle Mandela’s divorce from his second wife Winnie.

‘Death was in front of us, we fled’

Seleka and anti-balaka forces are ripping CAR apart, leaving crisis and tragedy in their wake.

DRC protests brew anger and grief

Violence erupted in Kinshasa as Joseph Kabila allegedly angles for an illicit third term.

Dubai royals hunt out Maasai land

Plans to turn ancestral Maasai land into a reserve for a Dubai royal family appears to be going ahead.

President Scott, but for only 90 days

Guy Scott will take charge for three months until an election is held to choose a permanent successor.

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