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Drew Forrest

‘We’re still far from a volkstaat’

''Affirmative action is creating a new discrimination, an angry new generation of young whites. Research indicates that if the employment equity quotas were enforced with 1,9% economic growth, 600 000 whites would have to be fired.'' Drew Forrest hands out this week's tien van die beste to Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder.

‘We’re born team players’

''Whites who really accept the new South Africa are with the NNP. An ironic development after 1994 is that the NNP has become the real rainbow party, while the party of liberalism has taken over the role of conservative complainers.'' New National Party leader Marthinus van Schalkwyk fields 10 pre-election curve-balls.

‘We’re still players’

''Our 400-odd large companies can't absorb the millions of black South Africans outside the economic mainstream. You can say we now have black billionaires like Tokyo Sexwale, but they're not creating jobs.'' United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa fields this week's 10 tough ones from Drew Forrest.

‘I’m not a guilty white’

''Black youth is suffering tremendously because of the ANC government's so-called policy of black economic empowerment, which -- like the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither an empire, holy nor Roman -- does not empower blacks.'' In the first of a series of encounters with party leaders, Drew Forrest puts 10 tricky questions to Tony Leon.

Existing unto death

'I've been to other side, mate, and there's fuckin' nothin' there.'' The crafted words are those of Australian media mogul Kerry Packer, revived after being dead for six minutes following a massive heart attack. Another year ends, and an oldish man's thoughts turn to his mortality. Drew Forrest casts a layperson's eye over the idea of the afterlife.

‘Let’s not undermine our gains’

''I still believe in looking for the voices, perspectives and experiences of black people.'' Drew Forrest speaks to Unisa vice-chancellor Barney Pityana, who gives vent to his worries about tertiary mergers, the media, black intellectuals and the state of South Africa's democracy.

Losing the plot

Deputy President Jacob Zuma has a serious difficulty in relation to the bribery investigation that still hangs over him. If the allegations are, as he says, ''defamatory'' and ''utterly baseless'', why does National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka take them so seriously?

From thriller to the griller

The amiable, soft-spoken, self-deprecatingly jocular giant with no hair and a plastic cooking spatula in one hand -- could he be the meanest, baddest, most silently menacing world heavyweight champion who ever threw leather? Former king of the boxing ring George Foreman now boasts the title 'King of the Grill'.

The ‘mobile’ unionists

More than half a sample of 400 trade union leaders tracked by an academic research project have done ''extremely'' well out of South Africa's democratic transition and a ''mobile'' 51% of worker leaders have attained affluence beyond ''their wildest expectations''.

Growth fears underpin rates cut

This week's surprise 100-basis point-cut in the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) repurchase rate came against the background of optimism about prospects for the global economy, including an upbeat review by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Govt ‘unlikely’ to meet 2005 target

A respected university research outfit has cast grave doubt on President Thabo Mbeki's 2005 deadline for the finalisation of the land restitution process, insisting that more than 11 000 rural land claims remain unsettled.

A case of overreaction

As the verbal fisticuffs between Thabo Mbeki and Tony Leon last week showed, South Africa has not put its race dilemmas to bed. This week we kick off a race debate to get the dinner-table talk and the whispers into the open.

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