Ebrahim Fakir

Locked up or lazy? Local and provincial representatives are nowhere to be seen

Oversight is crucial, and more so during a state of disaster, yet the Parliament seems to prefer deferring this function until the Covid-19 crisis is over

Quo vadis? End of the ANC as we know it

The party must decide if politicised uncertainty and institutionalised ambiguity will be its end

Odds stacked against Cyril’s stimulus offer

To make it work, politicians must stop meddling and people with expertise must be brought in

SA’s political parties are a useless bunch

The blind pursuit of power has left citizens to make their own way

Townships are still a world apart

Bids to unleash their economic potential have failed largely because the motives, networks and practices of the informal economy are ignored.

CEO SleepOut 2017: Poverty porn with an empathetic face

It’s time for the ridiculously gimmicky #CEOSleepOut again.

Protests are a cry for political recognition

More than just rebellions of the poor, community uprisings give a voice to those who feel powerless.

Malema’s great ideological irony

Economic freedom implies unconstrained markets and less state intervention, not more.

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