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Inspectors return to Libya for chemical weapons sweep

Chemical weapons inspectors will examine two new sites in Libya containing possible chemical weapons stockpiles the former regime tried to hide.

Prosecutor to move ahead on Côte d’Ivoire probe

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court plans to ask judges to open an investigation into alleged crimes against humanity in Côte d'Ivoire.

UN fails to agree on condemning Syria

The deeply divided UN Security Council failed to agree on a European and US-backed statement condemning Syrian violence against peaceful protesters.

African Union asks UN to delay al-Bashir prosecution

The African Union asked the UN Security Council on Friday to delay for a year the prosecution of Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir.

Rwanda minister denies govt role in attacks

Rwanda's foreign minister on Monday vehemently denied the government was involved in three recent high-profile attacks on opponents.

US: Arms-embargo violations hurt Darfur peace effort

US ambassador Susan Rice warned on Thursday that "blatant disregard" of a UN arms embargo in Darfur are undermining peace efforts.

Somalia: ‘From failed state to fragile state’

Somalia is moving "from a failed state to a fragile state" but the government urgently needs financial and diplomatic support, a top UN envoy says.

Arms embargo violations on the increase in Darfur

The Sudanese government and rebel groups in Darfur refuse to abandon the military option and are increasingly violating a UN arms embargo.

UN scrambles to fill gaps in Darfur

The United Nations will try to fill life-threatening gaps left by Sudan's expulsion of more than half the aid workers in Darfur.

Top official says UN peacekeepers are overstretched

After a decade of growth, the UN's peacekeeping efforts are overstretched with 113 000 military, police and civilians deployed in 18 missions.

Darfur conflict shows no signs of ending

As the conflict in Darfur enters its sixth year, the United Nations peacekeeping chief on Friday painted a grim picture of widespread violence.

Education suffers as Zim crisis continues

Zimbabwe's growing crisis has seen school attendance plummet from more than 90% to 20%, a senior UN humanitarian official said on Wednesday.

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