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South Sudan: Government and rebels agree to ceasefire

President Salva Kiir's government and the rebels backing Riek Machar have signed a ceasefire deal, a "critical first step" in peace negotiations.

State of emergency declared after violent protests in Egypt

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has declared a state of emergency in three of the country's cities after dozens of people were in killed in protests.

Protests over anti-Islam film spread

Protesters furious at an anti-Islam film have clashed with police near the US embassy in Cairo before a protest called by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Calls for calm as protests erupt over anti-Islam film

Protesters have marched on US embassies across the Middle East over a film deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

Egypt’s Morsi shows his clout by removing generals

President Mohamed Morsi has dismissed two top generals and quashed a military order curbing his powers, further stamping his authority on the country.

Mubarak legacy overshadows Egypt elections

Speculation about Hosni Mubarak's health has riveted Egyptians since he was sent to jail, a reminder that his legacy still looms ahead of elections.

Take Mubarak and those with him, Egyptians beg

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, will hear a judge rule on whether he is guilty of graft and complicity in the killing of protesters.

One by one, Egyptians make their choice

Egyptians have queued patiently at polling stations nationwide to pick their leader for the first time in national history dating to the pharaohs.

Activists call for Egyptians to rally against army rule

Egyptian activists have called a mass rally in Cairo against the army's handling of protests that killed 17 people and drew international criticism.

Egyptians return to the polls amid clashes

Egyptians have gone to the polls in parliamentary elections after six days of violence in Cairo that has cast a pall over the transition to democracy.

Muslim Brotherhood claims a lead in Egypt’s polls

The Muslim Brotherhood says it is leading Egypt's election, which would give the nation's oldest Islamist group a powerful parliamentary platform.

US meets with Egypt Islamists, says diplomat

A US diplomat says officials have met members of the Brotherhood after Washington claimed it would have contact with Egypt's biggest Islamist group.

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