Marwa Awad

Egypt to head to the polls in April

Egypt, battered by political turmoil and an economic crisis, will hold a parliamentary election in April, officials have said.

Egypt clashes erupt despite proposal to end crisis

Islamists fought protesters outside the Egyptian president's palace, while inside the deputy proposed a way to end a crisis over a draft constitution.

Protesters clash with troops in Cairo, dozens hurt

Protesters threw rocks at troops guarding Egypt's defence ministry as thousands marched in Cairo to denounce violence against demonstrators.

Egypt’s rulers look to speed up parliamentary vote

Egypt's rulers are studying a proposal from their own advisers to bring forward parliamentary elections by two weeks after demands from protesters.

Activists call for Egyptians to rally against army rule

Egyptian activists have called a mass rally in Cairo against the army's handling of protests that killed 17 people and drew international criticism.

Calm returns to Egypt as voting continues

Egypt is holding the latest round of its first democratic parliamentary election in relative calm after five days of violent protests in Cairo.

Women targeted as Egypt’s bloody chaos drags on

Egyptian police and soldiers fired guns and teargas to clear protesters from Tahrir Square on the sixth day of clashes that have killed 13 people.

Protesters rally as Egypt awaits poll results

Egypt will hear the results of elections on Friday as protesters gather at a rally to remember 42 people killed in clashes with police.

Protests against military rule cloud Egypt election

In the run-up to Egypt's first vote since Hosni Mubarak's ouster, protesters have gathered again to evict the generals who replaced him.

Thousands rally in Egypt on ‘last chance Friday’

Tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to military rule converged on Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday in a week of demonstrations.

Two killed, hundreds hurt in Egypt street clashes

Clashes erupted between protesters and police in Cairo and two other Egyptian cities, killing two people and wounding hundreds.

Thousands march in Egypt against army rule

Over 50 000 Egyptian protesters have flocked to Cairo's Tahrir Square to pressure the military government to transfer power to elected civilian rule.

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