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Guerrilla group aims to generate ‘fear’ among Isis ranks in Syria

Guerrilla group "White Shroud" is hunting down Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant fighters in eastern Syria.

Arab report slams US ideas for security in Palestine

The Arab League has rejected US proposals that would allow Israeli soldiers to be stationed on the eastern border of a future Palestinian state.

Egyptian court orders Mubarak’s release

Deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak will leave jail as early as Thursday after a court ruling that has jolted a divided nation already in turmoil.

Protesters storm Cairo building after bloodbath

Families have tried to identify hundreds of mutilated bodies piled in a Cairo mosque a day after they were shot dead by the security forces.

Egypt government yet to decide on pro-Morsi protests

Egypt's interim leaders are still debating how to end protests by supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, says a report.

Egypt’s Brotherhood refuses to ‘swallow reality’ of Morsi’s demise

The Muslim Brotherhood has rejected pleas from international envoys to "swallow the reality" that Mohamed Morsi will not return as Egypt's president.

Egyptian security forces shoot dead dozens of pro-Morsi supporters

Egyptian security forces have shot dead at least 70 supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, says his Muslim Brotherhood.

Protests flare on Egypt’s second revolution anniversary

Egypt's youths have fought police in Cairo and Alexandria on the second anniversary of the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Deep read: Egypt’s sharia conundrum

In trying to placate both conservative Islamists and Egypt's secularists, the Muslim Brotherhood has favoured compromise. But how long can that last?

Egypt disqualifies top Islamists from election

Authorities have disqualified presidential front-runners including Hosni Mubarak's spy chief and a Muslim Brotherhood candidate from the election.

Egyptian activists march to mixed reviews

Pro-democracy activists marching through Cairo last week were met with smiles and laughter from some but also suspicion and hostility.

Protests against military rule cloud Egypt election

In the run-up to Egypt's first vote since Hosni Mubarak's ouster, protesters have gathered again to evict the generals who replaced him.

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