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Egypt opposition rejects President Morsi’s meeting call

Egypt's opposition coalition will not join a national dialogue called by President Mohamed Morsi because the proposal was not genuine, say members.

Candidate blasts Egypt elections as dishonest

A moderate Islamist candidate has denounced Egypt's first round presidential poll as dishonest in the strongest criticism yet of the historic vote.

Turning a buck on the back of Egypt’s revolution

A year after it claimed centre stage in the Arab Spring, Cairo's Tahrir Square has become an open-air market where capitalism meets the revolution.

Women targeted as Egypt’s bloody chaos drags on

Egyptian police and soldiers fired guns and teargas to clear protesters from Tahrir Square on the sixth day of clashes that have killed 13 people.

Egypt Islamists try to hold lead in second-round vote

Egypt's rival Islamist groups sought more gains in the second round of a parliamentary election on Wednesday, with liberals also fighting for a voice.

Egypt’s run-off vote shows tensions between Islamists

Egypt's parliamentary elections have become hotly contested by rival Islamic groups all seeking to extend their early gains in the run-off vote.

Two killed, hundreds hurt in Egypt street clashes

Clashes erupted between protesters and police in Cairo and two other Egyptian cities, killing two people and wounding hundreds.

Valentine’s Day giveaway

Fancy sending your loved one 24 red roses this Valentine's Day?

Google executive released in Egypt

Google's Wael Ghonim, who was released in Cairo on Monday, said he was kept blindfolded for two weeks while detained by Egyptian state security.

Clashes erupt between protesters, Mubarak supporters

Clashes broke out between opponents and supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in central Cairo on Wednesday.

It’s time for you to go, Egyptians tell Mubarak

Thousands of Egyptians rallied in central Cairo on Tuesday in the biggest demonstration so far in an uprising against President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt in crisis as Mubarak meets commanders

President Hosni Mubarak, clinging to power despite unprecedented demands for an end to his 30-year rule, met on Sunday with the powerful military.

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