Erik Kirschbaum

Nigeria, Algeria face Europe’s giants

Africa's final remaining contenders in the World Cub will tackle Germany and France on Monday.

Germany’s lack of a ‘tough guy’ nearly costs them again

Germany's draw with Ghana has exposed the team's lack of a charismatic player who will take charge.

Dutch Nazi fugitive dies at 90

Nazi war criminal, Klaas Carel Faber, who escaped from a Dutch jail and lived as a fugitive in Germany for 60 years has died at the age of 90.

Abortion: A road to Damascus

Women will always need access to termination services. They should be safe and accessible, writes <b>Eddie Mhlanga</b>.

Merkel dodges bullet with euro vote victory

Angela Merkel has won her toughest challenge yet as German chancellor by pushing through changes to a rescue fund for the eurozone debt crisis.

Merkel’s popularity takes a knock with euro backlash

Angela Merkel faces the biggest challenge to her leadership with traditionally loyal allies openly criticising her approach to the euro zone crisis.

Berlin Wall Trail a surreal journey into city’s past

The Berliner Mauerweg follows the Berlin Wall's 160km route and the accompanying "death strip" that encircled West Berlin during the Cold War.

Greek debt crisis: Europe feels shockwaves

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday Greece's international bail-out must be accelerated for the sake of the entire eurozone.

Europe divided on aid to Greece before summit

European leaders sent out conflicting signals at the weekend over aid to Greece, with Angela Merkel urging Athens to solve its debt problems alone.

German critics mock wrinkled rockers on tour trail

Rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s have been hitting Germany's lucrative concert circuit but many of the grandpa-generation acts have disappointed fans and provoked withering reviews in Europe's biggest music market. The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Genesis, the Police and Black Sabbath are among the acts appearing this summer in arenas between the Black Forest and the Baltic.

Police injured in clashes with protesters at G8

Anti-capitalist protesters clashed with police on Wednesday, injuring eight, as they tried to blockade routes to a summit of major powers in northern Germany. Police used water cannons to push back demonstrators. Delegates from several Group of Eight (G8) countries said the protests were limiting their ability to move around at the summit venue.

Media mayhem makes film festival a scrum

Covering one of the world's top film festivals may seem like an enviable assignment, filled with leisurely afternoons spent in plush cinemas and evenings at cocktail parties rubbing elbows with the stars. True, it's hardly the world's worst job -- but no one believes a word when you explain it's actually 11 days of hard work.

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