Gavin Foster

It’s in the blood

TW Kambule-NSTF Award: Researcher through research and its outputs by an individual

​Betting on addiction is a sure winner

It is no coincidence that the biggest companies by far on the JSE trade on human weaknesses.

Wheeling and dealing an answer for Cheetahs

The Cheetahs’ ingenious agreement with Toyota should wake Saru up to a new way of thinking.

Zim elections: Welshman Ncube is sitting pretty

If the polls go to a run-off, the MDC leader may be called on by Robert Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai for help.

Drawing a fine line between order and chaos

To tell you what Neil Le Roux's monochrome work means appears to need a paradoxically massive vocabulary.

Life in the fast lane: SA’s celebrity speedsters

When celebrities and politicians find themselves on the wrong side of the law their excuses are often as colourful as their personalities.

Beauty and the beast within

An all-male orgy of married Afrikaners is just one of the scenes from <i>Skoonheid</i> that shocked -- and impressed -- the Cannes Film Festival judge

Judgement day for Jackie Selebi

On Thursday Judge Meyer Joffe started handing down judgement in the corruption trial of former top cop Jackie Selebi.

Off the beaten track: Cape Town

You've probably heard enough about Cape Town to impress or disgust. We round up a few of the city's gems handpicked by the locals.

The world’s fastest Indian

With earnings of maybe R40-million from the movie <i>The World's Fastest Indian</i>, Sir Anthony Hopkins did much better from Herbert James Munro's love for his 1920 Indian Scout than the eccentric genius from New Zealand did. Gavin Foster looks at the life of Munro, one filled with crashes and motorcycle maintenance.

Smooth, no squeaks … for now

Nissan made its intentions quite clear at the launch of its all-new Tiida late last year. It wanted to knock a dent in Toyota's monopoly over the passenger-car C-segment and, to do that, it would have to attract ordinary people rather than just the fleet owners who traditionally bought the outgoing Almera by the bucket load.

Yanks can’t be faulted

Don't you just love the way the Americans mutilate the queen's English, with "center", "harbor", "color", "favorite", "honor", "analyze", "memorize" and all the rest displacing the proper spelling? In the case of the Dodge Caliber's name, though, the Yanks can't be faulted, because the car is built in Belvedere, Illinois, so they can call it whatever they want.

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