George Bizos

George’s holiday in Greece with Madiba

In his book 65 Years of Friendship: A memoir of my friendship with Nelson Mandela, George Bizos tells of their only holiday together

An ethical barometer: Advocate George Bizos

‘It is a powerful thing to be able to reason and weigh up competing interests in a critical way, one that must not be taken lightly’

Why SA must not withdraw from the ICC

The court is not beyond criticism, but pulling out would betray our commitment to human rights.

Slow trek to justice mars TRC’s legacy

The work for reconciliation is not yet done. There are certain key components that remain outstanding.

Bizos: ‘I know, too, what it means to be a foreigner’

Advocate George Bizos said on Thursday that the word "xenophobia" was misplaced; "we are dealing here with the hatred of foreigners".

Bizos: Government must be the guardian of our Constitution

The Constitution should be seen as a beacon of hope and not vilified to further the cause of certain political agendas, writes George Bizos.

George Bizos: Mandela’s trial and tribulations

Advocate George Bizos, Nelson Mandela's lawyer, confidant and friend, describes the icon's selfless strategy during the Rivonia Trial.

Bizos: Water to drink is an urgent need indeed

People of Carolina had every right to go to court for the relief sought, irrespective of what others may have done in the past, says George Bizos.

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