Greg Gordon

Africa’s limited skies

Economic inhibitors, a drop in tourism and the absence of a united African airline network are just some of the problems confronting SA aviation

Innovation for Africa

South Africa is likely to remain Africa’s innovation powerhouse, particularly as growth in mobile technology provides significant opportunities

An organic approach to growing business

A family’s search for organic produce led them to start farming their own - and a hugely diversified and expanding business is the result

Investing in the hard rock business

Stonemason Nicholas Tshabalala says that managing growth is a juggling act, especially since his business is seasonal

Surviving the changing tide of the music business

The music business, like many others, was turned on its head by the advent of online trade. Abe Seema witnessed – and survived – the shift

Sweet taste of success

How a small chocolate shop in the Western Cape turns its ongoing “problem” of success into a triumph by constantly reinventing itself

Reinventing the brand

Companies are shifting their brand strategies to accommodate new challenges brought about by mobile technology and social networking

Ditching the office for good

When contractor Philip du Plessis fell into the swimming pool at a client’s house recently and damaged his iPhone, it wasn’t business as usual.

4G slow to local shores

South African businesses and consumers are being denied full access to world-class high-speed mobile data facilities, writes Greg Gordon.

Turbulence over Africa

Although open-skies policies on in Africa bode well for the airline industry, ageing fleets and tight margins are significant challenges.

Dodging the audit bullet: relief for small businesses

The Companies Act is remarkably lax for small companies managed by their shareholders.

Putting the customer in control

Weighing up the rights of consumers versus those of the businesses that provide them with goods and services is a delicate balancing act.

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