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Class of 2012: How they R doing

Rreport cards of our comrades in govermint.

Mangaung: The way forwardish

As the dust settles after December's ANC conference, Not the M&G brings you these exclusive scoops from between the lines next to the buffet table.

Mysogynists blame women

South Africa's misogynists have blamed women for their misogyny, saying that if chicks weren't so kak, they wouldn't hate them so much.

Malawi’s men to shake off ‘nice guy’ image

Malawian men say they are tired of being known as friendly, reliable, honest, hardworking, thrifty, family-oriented and articulate.

Earliest fossilised weave unearthed in Kenya

Archaeologists say they have been forced to revisit a hundred years of paleo-hairdressing theory, after finding a fossilised hair weave.

Japanese banks full of saved face

Japan's banks revealed that, after decades of saving by citizens, the country's vaults and safety deposit boxes have been entirely filled with face.

Iran captures US drone Walter Kowalksi (62)

Iran's Revolutionary Truth Brigade Media Agency confirmed on Tuesday that the Islamic republic has captured another American drone.

M&G exposes are leading cause of despair among progressive liberals

Mental healthcare professionals have said the expose about exposes does not surprise them.

Unexploded WWII cliche forces Berlin evacuation

Thousands have had to flee their homes in the midst of recurring narrative mediocrity

The Mangaung speech that never was

We have managed to acquire a recording of a speech made by Deputy Commissar for Deputised Commissars of South-Western Free State, made at Mangaung.

What drove the alleged plotters to try to blow up the ANC’s leadership?

According to a forensic psychologist in the prison service, a journey into the mind of a right-wing bomber is "brief".

Europe ‘a crouton away from barbarism’

Europeans are being faced with hardship unprecedented since the Pan-European Croissant Shortage of the third weekend of June 2006.

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