Hamza Hendawi

Egypt officials arrest Muslim Brotherhood leader

Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie has been captured in the east Cairo district of Nasr City, say security officials and state television.

Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi gives himself top marks

Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi has given himself high grades, spending much of a nearly two-hour speech talking about fuel, trash and bread.

Egypt clashes see worst violence

Egypt's worst violence in months has escalated clashes between political forces and the ruling military ahead of a landmark presidential election.

Arab summit appears divided over approach to Syria

Arab leaders will call for Syria to implement a ceasefire, but there's little faith that President Bashar al-Assad will halt his crackdown.

In Baghdad’s scars, a warning to Arab leaders

For leaders who seek military intervention in Syria, Baghdad provides a cautionary tale, with violence and sectarian hate persisting a decade later.

Senior cops arrested for Egypt soccer violence

Egypt's top prosecutor has charged nine senior police officers with assisting a murderous mob of soccer fans who killed 74 rivals last month.

Egypt’s rioting soccer fans refresh anti-government protests

Egypt's generals have a new enemy: the legions of angry soccer fans who have injected fervour into recent protests demanding the military step down.

Egypt’s Mubarak back in court as trial resumes

Egypt's former strongman Hosni Mubarak has returned to the defendant's metal cage as his trial has resumed after a three-month break.

Trial of Egypt’s Mubarak postponed until December

The trial of Egypt's ousted leader Hosni Mubarak of complicity in the killing of protesters this year has been adjourned until December 28.

Egypt’s military seek guarantee on political role

Egypt's ruling generals are seeking to enshrine a future role for themselves with considerable independence from civilian leaders.

Calling for change, crowds bring Cairo to a halt

Egyptians whose chants for change are ringing through Cairo's Tahrir Square months after they brought down Hosni Mubarak have received a warning.

Egypt’s al-Zawahr likely to succeed Bin Laden

It was the strategic thinking and the organisational skills of Ayman al-Zawahr that kept al-Qaeda together.

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