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Greeks make big stink of austerity effect

The Greek economy is on the verge of a 1930s-style Great Depression, as the Athens government predicts a 25% fall in gross domestic product by 2014.

Hollywood stars give Greek tourist industry A-list endorsement

Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie are among the stars returning to Greece as its stricken economy gets a boost from a surge in bookings.

Enraged Greeks round on unsympathetic Lagarde

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde's description of Greeks as rampant tax dodgers has provoked a furious reaction in Athens

Debt and regret in Athens

The flame for the London Olympics was recently lit in Greece. Helena Smith looks at the legacy of the 2004 Athens Games

Return the Elgin marbles, Stephen Fry tells Britain

Actor Stephen Fry has called on the UK to use the London 2012 Olympics to "redress a great wrong" and return the Parthenon sculptures to Athens.

Angry Greeks condemn EU plot to control its finances

Germany's plan to install a commissioner in Athens with veto powers over the Greek budget has been dismissed as "laughable".

Greece’s debt talks threatened by rising pressure

Hopes of a deal between Greece and creditors in time for Monday's eurozone meeting have been dashed amid increased pressure to accept bigger losses.

Protests expected ahead of Greek debt write-off talks

Greece expects further protests as international creditors arrive to begin crucial talks on plans to write off some of the country's debts.

Greece on verge of default as doubt grows over bailout

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is under fire amid rumours that creditors are about to pull the plug.

Who owns the works of Zorba’s creator?

A row over the rights to the works of Greece's most celebrated writer, Nikos Kazantzakis, is intensifying.

Protests flare as Greece faces next hurdle

The banner flapped in the wind for almost a week, surviving the rigours of sun and sudden downpour.

Anger engulfs Athens

Protesters' fury turns fatal as the Greek capital buckles under unrest.

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