Hilary Prendini Toffoli

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Alan Paton equally relevant now as reflection of our society as in the day

Four theatre dynamos who bring Alan Paton’s story to life in A Voice I Cannot Silence discuss the iconic author with Hilary Prendini Toffoli.

Louis Viljoen: Theatre’s unruly wunderkind

Playwright Louis Viljoen fearlessly tackles a wide range of subjects in his uncompromising and challenging dramas, like the upcoming 'The Kingmakers'.

SA film signals new directions

From Hear Me Move to Dis Ek, Anna, the South African film industry is telling bold and refreshing stories for a whole new audience.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’s musical lift-off

Much song and dance is being made about The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, with help from a Freshlyground prodigy.

Zake Mda’s ‘Heart of Redness’ hits the stage as an African opera

Neo Muyanga and Mark Fleishman have crafted a new kind of African opera, based on Zakes Mda’s 'Heart of Redness'

Heroic ballet of an African Spartacus

South African choreographer, Veronica Paeper, reinvents her 1980s ballet production, Spartacus of Africa, with a cast of over 100.

Walk a fine line in the Karoo

South Africa now has its own impressive geoglyph, a ­monumental land ­artwork in the tradition of Peru’s ­mysterious Nazca lines.

Darling buds in brand mayhem

West Coast artisans are locking horns over who has the right to use the Darling name on their many varied but entirely splendid wares.

Bitter tune: Aria troupe defies area bankrollers

Cape Town Opera is receiving flak from funders for taking its singers abroad, despite its successes there.

Wonderboy works wonders

"The world is craving stories converted into beautiful products. If it comes from Africa the demand is even greater."

Bailey dose of theatre prescribed

Brett Bailey's quest for social justice is an antidote to people who are opposed to diversity and tolerance.

The street is Long, with many a windy turn

Fights are spilling out into the gutters of central Cape Town, but patrons are unfazed – the commotion is driving investors - to Bree Street.

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