Ian Black

Kelly saga: Who’s to blame?

The sequence of events surrounding the leaking of David Kelly's name prior to his suicide implicates the UK's Ministry of Defence and Blair's office. Now, fingers are being pointed left, right and centre. Whose head will roll?

Congo: War crimes reviewed

The International Criminal Court is likely to investigate war crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), its chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, said this week.

Good work overshadowed by Berlusconi’s buffoonery

It may take some time -- perhaps even the entire six months of Italy's European Union presidency -- to get over Silvio Berlusconi's jaw-dropping performance in the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week. But the institution seems destined to quickly return to its normal sleepy ways.

EU votes to lift ban on GM foods

Europe's ban on biotech foods is to be lifted and replaced by rules for clear labelling of all genetically modified (GM) products.

Europeans struggle to define their union

The European Union's first Constitution, creating a union president and foreign minister, has been 15 tortuous months in the making in Valery Giscard d'Estaing's Convention.

Identity issues take EU talks to the brink

Lights have been burning late in the European Union Council of Ministers building the last few nights as diplomats have scrabbled to conclude complex negotiations leading to the largest expansion in the club's history.

Whither now, Nato?

Nineteen flags flutter over the concrete blast barriers and razor wire surrounding the entrance to Nato's Brussels headquarters, where armed guards with sniffer dogs screen cars and visitors with extra care these days.

Theft, resale of drugs to be curbed

The European Commission has announced plans to stop low-cost drugs intended for African countries being illegally resold for big profits in the West. Under the proposal approved by the commission developing countries should be guaranteed access to cut-price medicines.

Invasion a ‘hair-trigger’ away

Washington this week revealed its intention to use United Nations weapons inspections as a possible first step towards a military occupation of Iraq by sending in troops, sealing off ''exclusion zones'' and creating secure corridors throughout the country.

In from the cold

Russia was warmly received into Nato's embrace this week as the Cold War enemies finally buried the hatchet and began working together in a world transformed by terrorism. Vladimir Putin heaped praise on the Nato-Russia Council.

Brussels says ‘Non’ to Le Pen

JEAN-MARIE le Pen's foray into the heart of Europe collapsed into chaos and recriminations this week after he was heckled by MEPs and taunted by anti-fascist demonstrators before expounding his views

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