James Francis

Different names and paths to the same source

James Francis talks to believers about how they came to their own understanding and relationship with what they call 'God'.

The RoboBeast’s helping hand

A locally built 3D printer that makes prosthetics is giving hope to amputees.

Cycling: Blazing trails (and saddles)

An urban jungle of veld, parks and farms makes Johannesburg a great city for beginner bikers.

Waiter, open up a can of worms

They’re the ­answer to the world’s food woes, but can we stomach them? James Francis admits eating insects does not fly in the face of reason.

Sitting could be the death of you

Hemingway did it. Churchill did it. So let's do it. Let's all stand up while we work.

Rolling down the river

Parys has plenty to offer, but if you only do one thing: get wet.

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