Jennifer Rankin

Humanitarian aid system in need of substantial reform

A financing study commissioned for the World Humanitarian Summit in May urges an entirely new approach to help the rising number of poor.

Greece: Tsipras resists key bailout measures

Negotiations between Greece and its creditors remained unresolved as Europe's leaders confront Greece with a draconian package of austerity measures.

China, Cook up a storm

The travel giant is looking to the world’s top tourist market to turn around its ailing fortunes.

Publishing giant tests its muscle with almighty Amazon

Amazon and Penguin Random House are allegedly in a dispute over the terms of a new contract for online sales.

West ponders how best to punish Putin

The US can go it alone, but Europe is divided in its response to Moscow’s assault on Ukraine.

America’s rich claw their way back up

Forbes magazine says the 400 most affluent people in the US are worth a record $2.2-trillion.

Sanctions buster had no regrets

Marc Rich dealt with whoever he liked, and apartheid South Africa was no exception.

Tensions flare over EU solar-panel tariff

The European Commission's move may spark tit-for-tat retaliation from the world's second largest economy.

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