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/ 8 November 2005

French riots: Cabinet to put curfews in place

French Cabinet ministers were to meet on Tuesday to authorise curfews aimed at stopping rioters after the country’s worst civil unrest in decades raged for a 12th night. Rioters in the southern city of Toulouse ordered passengers off a bus and then set it on fire and pelted police with gasoline bombs and rocks. Youths also torched another bus in the north-eastern Paris suburb of Stains.

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/ 31 May 2005

Safin leaves his mark at the French Open

Frustrated with his play, Marat Safin said he did what any normal person would do: He whacked his changeover chair with his racket, leaving a gaping hole in the wooden base. ”I destroyed the chair, I destroyed the racket because I couldn’t take it anymore,” said Safin, who lost his fourth-round match on Monday at the French Open — but not without putting on a show.

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/ 10 December 2004

‘It’s like you’re skating on air’

Holiday on ice takes on new meaning when you’re high above the rooftops of Paris doing figure eights inside the Eiffel Tower. During the 115 years of the Eiffel Tower’s existence, it has added refreshment stands, trinket shops and fancy restaurants — but nothing quite matches the skating rink in the sky that opened to the public on Friday.