Jody Clarke

Turning to veggies to survive

Under the shade of a Dambi tree overlooking the green fields of southern Ethiopia, Hussein Godana is giving a ­cookery lesson. Of sorts.

Piracy puts Seychelles in hot water

Until last year, the Seychelles was the last place you would expect to find Somali pirates.

Gay Ugandans targeted after outing

Containing names and addresses, a hostile report has left people in fear of their lives.

Demand from wealthy makes elephants unfair game

"We've witnessed a huge increase in volumes smuggled," said Patrick Omondi, the head of conservation at the Kenyan Wildlife Service.

Kenyan govt clamps down on hate speech

Members of Kenya's Parliament were arrested after warning citizens of bloodshed, evictions and religious warfare.

Starving Chad chews on leaves, animal feed

The main enemy of Chad and its people is desertification, the effects of which are not limited to the destruction of traditional farmland.

The serial killer that has moved into Tanzania’s idyllic highlands

Malaria infection rates -- and temperatures -- are on the rise in parts of Africa. Many researchers point to climate change. Others aren't so sure.

Opportunities come calling

Kenya's call-centre industry is growing and taking on India at its own game. <b>Jody Clarke</b> reports.

Kenya’s flowers wither

Iceland's volcanic cloud has hit the East African country's agriculture industry hard, costing millions in losses, reports <b>Jody Clarke</b>.

Kisumu’s favoured son

The wild enthusiasm may have gone. But in Obama's 'home town', there is still a quiet respect for the man people call 'our son'.

Not safe to come out

Kenya's first same-sex wedding has brought gay rights out of the closet. But many think it needs to get right back inside.

Is Kenya heading for a meltdown?

Barely two years after an election that left 1&nbsp;500 people dead, Kenya is still on a dangerous road, say some analysts.

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