Jody Clarke

Alternative energy blossoms

Many African countries are experiencing a boom in projects for sustainable, renewable power.

Unsafe abortions kill thousands in Kenya

Poor women believe they have no option other than to terminate unwanted pregnancies, even if it kills them.

Kidnappings hurt Kenya

There are fears that Somali pirates are searching for easier pickings along the Kenyan coast as it becomes more difficult to hijack ships.

Seeds of ‘the acacia’ take root

Nobel-winning environmentalist Wangari Maathai's legacy was to provide shelter for the withering Earth.

Driving in Nairobi a test of nerves — and patience

"So, will I have to pay a bribe?" I ask the driving instructor, watching out for the heart-stopping sight of Nairobi's minibuses scooting past.

UK to push for return of stolen funds

Analysts fear corruption is becoming a way of life after Kenyan government announces that health and education ministries stole $47-million.

Journalists under siege in Uganda

When it comes to statements by the "big men" of Africa's various governments, the rule is the greater the frequency, the less the impact.

Near-extinct sons of Judah draw a following

Starting two fingers above the elbow, Jacob Sebagabo wraps the leather straps of the tefillin around his arm and towards his palm, writes

A country starting from scratch

South Sudan, with next to no infrastructure, faces a monumental task to meet expectations.

Call to arrest shocks gay activists

Gay rights activists in Kenya have condemned their prime minister for saying that anyone engaging in homosexual activities should be arrested.

Hip replacement

Another ageing autocrat uses youth culture to chase votes.

Filthy business

Nairobi's Dandora landfill is a health hazard, but those who generate an income from it do not want the site to be decommissioned.

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