Joel Konopo

Botswana: ‘Masisi is mismanaging Covid-19’

Six months into Botswana’s vaccine roll-out, only 5% of the population has been vaccinated

Botswana retail giant Choppies sues PwC over ‘unethical tactics’

Choppies Enterprises chief executive and executive director claim the auditing firm asked for a job for one if its directors — and dragged its feet on an audit when refused.

Did Botswana execute ‘poachers’ ?

The Botswana Defence Force’s anti-poaching unit has long been accused of a ‘shoot to kill’ policy. Over 20 years the unit has killed 30 Namibians and 22 Zimbabweans

Botswana’s president goes shopping for a farm

Mokgweetsi Masisi is on a shortlist to acquire a portion of Botswana’s Banyana Farms — even though his bid did not meet the brief

Censorship, the unexpected side-effect of Covid-19

If the coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything beyond the necessity of washing our hands, it is that its victim has been leadership

Botswana’s media is in crisis

COMMENT We live in a divided political environment and amid radical economic disparities. But there is one thing on which virtually everyone in Botswana agrees:...

Spooks implicated in Botswana’s mysterious ivory stockpile

Following a raid on one of its camps the country's notorious intelligence agency is under pressure to explain why it had a warehouse full of tusks.

Who is Botswana’s new spy chief?

Peter Magosi joined the army at the age of 22 and progressed through the ranks to become a brigadier

Spooks implicated in Botswana’s mysterious ivory stockpile

Botswana’s intelligence services are accused of hiding elephant tusks from the wildlife department

Botswana: State official under scrutiny over gravel business and under-serviced loans

Public administration minster Eric Molale is quarrying gravel seemingly without permission from the state development agency he owes P4-million.

Satellite images show Botswana Defence Force doing building work at Khama residence

The images contradict claims from the office of President Ian Khama that the military is not carrying out construction on his private holiday home.

Journalists threatened while investigating Botswana’s ‘Nkandla’

Botswana security agents outside President Ian Khama's rural residence told three journalists they would be shot if they came that way again.

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