Johann Barnard

Taking healthcare services to communities

Winner: Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Business Award — Unjani Clinic

Soweto’s Vilakazi streets reflect the SME landscape

Vilakazi Street in Soweto has claimed its place as a tourist attraction that celebrates the heroes of the struggle against apartheid.

Look ma, no hands!

Truck drivers and chauffeurs possibly face the chop thanks to advancements in technology.

Communication and collaboration drive success

A panel of chief executives will share ways to foster innovation at this year's summit.

Inspired by the ‘hand of God’

The work created by ceramist Nic Sithole for the Adelaide Tambo Collection is something to behold.

Pro-poor policy requires nifty manoeuvering

Report sheds light on the role that municipal rates policies can play in addressing the plight of the urban poor.

The making of a world-class city

Residents who pay their rates and taxes contribute to maintaining the City of Johannesburg as the world-class African city that it is.

Adequate housing a major practical challenge

The hostel systems of the past have to be replaced by housing with one individual per room, writes Johann Barnard.

Revised codes could be counterproductive

Empowerment sector waits for the department of trade and industry on submissions on the draft revisions to the broad-based BEE codes of good practice.

Retailers score on employment equity

The triumvirate of management control, employment equity and skills development present organisations with some perplexing questions.

Qualified skills a scarce commodity

Finding skilled senior management remains a challenge in South Africa.

Ownership is not a cut-and-dried issue

Companies seek clarity on the changes to the empowerment scorecards.

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