Jon Henley

France requests EU help in wake of Paris attacks

Defence minister invokes mutual assistance article in Lisbon treaty for first time as warplanes bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

Faint signs of hope as Greece is bailed out once again

Greece's stock market has rallied since the country's creditors reached an outline agreement on the latest bailout.

Greek economy teeters on the edge

As bank withdrawal limits in Greece plummet, citizens have been thinking up contingency plans for 'in case'.

Barcelona’s homeless profit from handwritten fonts

A project to turn the handwritten signs of the city's rough sleepers into fonts is raising funds for a foundation that cares for the homeless.

Is a pistol the answer to India’s rape problem?

Named after the 23-year-old who was raped and killed in Delhi in 2012, the Nirbheek pistol has been designed for women. But it has drawn criticism.

Cocaine city’s makeover

Once notorious Medellin, Colombia's second city, is being held up as an example of how urban dynamics can be changed.

Improved treatment for humans courtesy of veterinarians

Doctors of animal and human medicine are increasingly sharing their disciplines' findings. Jon Henley reports.

Put your insomnia problems to bed

According to the recently published Great British Sleep Survey, more than 51% of us now struggle to get a good night's sleep.

Technology breaks the silence

New devices give people such as Alan Martin, who has cerebral palsy, the chance to communicate properly for the first time.

In tough times, Greeks bear gifts

Citizens in Greece have forged ingenious new economic models to survive by pulling together and selling necessities such a vegetables at cost price.

Beyond Saro-Wiwa the martyr

A book by the late Nigerian activist's daughter details the truth of life with Ken.

Has your extra virgin been deflowered by canola?

The website Olive Oil Times reported last month that two Spanish businesspeople had been sentenced to two years in prison.

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