Jon Herskovitz

Fear battles fatalism in Africa’s Aids fight

Messages from years of Aids campaigns are finally filtering down to the dingy streets of Johannesburg where sex workers turn tricks.

Rare earth hunt leads to frontier Africa

Africa, Australia and Canada likely hold the key to a geopolitical battle being fought to end China's stranglehold over obscure elements.

Zuma calls for jobs, private sector help

South African President Jacob Zuma called on the government and private sector to create jobs, setting aside billions of dollars to create work.

SA labour market shake-up worries business

SA is proposing sweeping changes to labour law intended to increase job security for temporary workers, but economists have expressed concern.

SA, not just another Bric in the wall

South Africa's ascension to the Bric group of major emerging economies was more about politics than economics.

Zuma’s G20 trip may be clouded by N Korea reports

The ANCYL has been stepping up its support for North Korea, Pyongyang's media said, ahead of President Zuma's visit to the G20 meeting in South Korea.

Nigeria bomb suspect Okah talks of fight in diary

A diary entry by suspected Nigerian bombing conspirator Henry Okah talked about staging "a fight to the finish", a court heard on Monday.

ANC targets media at political meeting

The African National Congress will press on Wednesday for a new tribunal to punish unscrupulous reporting.

ANC stability shakes SA’s economic future

Some safe bets in SA's turbulent politics are that massive unemployment will persist, poverty will remain widespread and the ANC will stay in power.

ANC, Cosatu try to mend fences

The ANC and Cosatu will on Monday try to repair their governing alliance, which has been described "dysfunctional".

Zuma criticises strike, holds thumbs

President Jacob Zuma on Saturday accused striking state workers of abandoning the sick at hospitals and said he expected a deal to be reached soon.

Power vacuum makes alliance ‘dysfunctional’

Cosatu on Thursday warned that its alliance with the ANC is "dysfunctional" because of "confusion" over power.

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