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Public servants push for more pay

Public-sector unions representing more than a million workers staged a one-day strike on Tuesday, threatening an extended labour stoppage this week.

Strike may be prelude to larger industrial action

More than a million public-sector workers plan to strike on Tuesday in what could be a prelude to prolonged industrial action.

Government raises public-sector pay offer

The government raised its pay offer to civil servants on Thursday to try to avert a strike by nearly a million public workers.

Strike action at Eskom ‘not on the cards at present’

Unions representing thousands of workers at power utility Eskom said on Friday they were not planning an imminent strike over wages.

Cold War frontier gone in Germany, remains in Korea

As Germany marks the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall, about one million soldiers face off across the Cold War's last great divide.

South Korea rocket launch bound to rile the North

South Korea is counting down to its first space launch on Wednesday that will likely open the door to its nascent rocket programme.

PCs could be hit next in web attack

Cyber attacks slowing US and South Korean websites could enter a new phase on Friday by attacking personal computers

North Korea defies US with new missile launches

North Korea fired six ballistic missiles on Saturday, South Korea's defence ministry said, in an act of defiance towards the United States.

North Korea responds to UN with nuclear threats

North Korea said on Saturday it would start a uranium enrichment programme and vowed to weaponise all of its plutonium.

US journalists on trial in North Korea

North Korea will put on trial on Thursday two United States journalists it says illegally entered the country with ''hostile intent''.

North Korea threatens South, restarts plutonium plant

North Korea threatened on Wednesday to attack the South after it joined a US-led plan to check vessels suspected of carrying equipment for weapons.

UN fails to agree on response to N Korea rocket launch

The United Nations failed to agree on a response to North Korea's long-range rocket launch despite pressure from Washington and its allies for action.

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