Judith February

Supporting BDS is a way to honour the Palestinian struggle

Boycotts and sanctions against Israel are a vote for nonviolence, democracy and self-determination

Keep defending democracy

Civil society has fought against the worst of the breaches — securitisation, corruption, secrecy

ANC loses its voice in national debates

Critical issues cut to the heart of the party’s recent record, which is perhaps why its leaders are failing to speak out.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng verdict opens door for ‘rational’ test

State bodies cannot reject recommendations by the public protector on "irrational" grounds, writes Judith February.

Democracy fund will foster political donation transparency

The laissez-faire status quo on secret donations allows businesses to buy influence from political parties, writes Judith February.

Time to come clean on party funding

South Africa is about to enter into the biggest ever public-procurement processes in its history -- involving Eskom and Transnet.

ANC stalls over public funding of parties

SA's democracy is suffering from the absence of transparency and a complete lack of regulation of private funding, argues two analysts.

Time is right to discuss detail of political donation

On April 20 this year the Cape High Court gave judgement, dismissing the application by the Institute for Democracy in South Africa to access records of private donations made to the four biggest political parties in South Africa -- the African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance, the Inkatha Freedom Party and the New National Party -- under the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

A game of broken telephone

'Money has no loyalty. Investors take it where they will receive the most returns. If South Africa is perceived to be failing or adopting the wrong policies, investors withdraw their money and take it elsewhere -- simple as that.''

Madiba’s magic is slowly dissipating

If a country lives by its myths, then the myth of post-apartheid South Africa must be that it had become "the rainbow nation".

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