Khwezi Gule

Tracey Rose: Comical, cynical, carnivalesque

In a world bursting with self-appointed saviours, Tracey Rose speaks truth to power

Symposium for black artists steps out of the colonial prism

A biennial event has sprung up to provide a forum for black artists and intellectuals to meet

Nicholas Hlobo: Master of mystery goes bland

Nicholas Hlobo’s concealment is revealed in this exhibition as the art of saying little and selling a lot.

The honesty in playing it safe

Tshabangu's images of poverty don't push the boundaries but his approach has integrity.

Getting Beezy with Mandela

The artist Beezy Bailey is perhaps best known for having staged a hoax in the local art world. But everyone knows that he lends a critical voice.

Just ’cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s there

Is Anton Kannemeyer's <i>Pappa in Afrika</i>, flagrantly racist or is it a lament for a continent ravaged by centuries of colonial rule?

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