Kristin Palitza

Tobacco poisons Malawi’s children

Despite the poverty-stricken country's avowed intentions, it is dependent on the crop and those who must pick it.

Zanzibar’s seaweedy wage earner

Who would have thought? Even those who don't like sushi are digesting seaweed every day.

Hidden addiction in Zanzibar

The secret serpent of heroin lurks in the undergrowth of this tropical tourist spot.

Denial of Malawi food insecurity goes against the grain

In a televised state address Malawian president Bingu wa Mutharika threatened to close down newspapers "that lie and tarnish my government's image".

Climate-change policy ignores women farmers

When asked if they have already felt the effects of climate change, Mary-Anne Zimri and Katrina Scheepers eagerly nod their heads.

Lack of quality healthcare causes rise in orphans

Three million girls and boys up to the age of 18 years are orphaned, according to <em>The Health of our Children in South Africa</em> study.

Manage CSI with heart

Corporate social investment (CSI) has become a buzzword in the past decade, but the quality of initiatives has been inconsistent and unreliable.

Cooperation is needed

Lack of cooperation between government departments and CSI programmes is one of the main reasons numerous CSI education initiatives are falling short.

Food for thought

MOVIE OF THE WEEK: <i>Lionel Faull</i> reviews <em>The Cove</em>, a documentary about Japan's annual dolphin hunt.

Nation in a state

Opposition parties heavily criticised the ANC's economic policies, but offered few constructive alternatives at a Critical Thinking Forum this week.

Game has just begun

If BEE were football, we'd be five minutes into the match. Kristin Palitza reports

Gardening for life

An NGO is helping microfarmers to shift from survival to sustainability, reports Kristin Palitza.

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