Laura Barnett

Ruth Rendell: Pride is a very unpleasant thing

Crime writer Ruth Rendell talks to Laura Barnett about her work and what advice she tends to give to aspiring authors

Art app? There’s a gallery for that

The world’s most famous galleries now offer phone and tablet apps to guide us through their collections.

When two senses become one

Notable writers, musicians and artists such as Nabokov, Messiaen and Kandinsky had synaesthesia. Is the disorder linked to creativity?

The new superdrug — food

A TV programme is putting its health-giving properties to the test.

Hysteria by any other name

'Celebrity hysterics' drew crowds in the 19th century, but they are still out there under different classifications.

Radio frees Benghazi — the war of words

Four young men have started up Libya's first English language radio station. The broadcasts are an extraordinary symbol of revolution.

Music shouldn’t be afraid

The cover of Nitin Sawhney's new album, London Undersound, shows a man emerging ghost-like from what looks like an underground tunnel.

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