Laura Grant

Zuma comes clean on his pineapples

President Jacob Zuma received more than 140 gifts this past year, including boxes of fruit and Nguni cattle. But money for Nkandla? Mum's the herd.

The DG merry-go-round

There have been 177 permanent and acting directors general in 45 government departments over the past five years.

Class edition: Inequality by numbers

Who earns how much and what exactly do we spend it on?

Millions spent on out-of-work DGs

A high turnover of government’s senior civil servants has led to poor performance and as much as R44-million a year for them to twiddle their thumbs.

Exiled DGs held in government’s ‘Siberia’

What does the government do with its inconveniently placed DGs? Banish them to the State Information Technology Agency, of course.

Urban voting statistics give ANC pause for thought

The ANC's diminishing share of the vote in the metropoles, particularly in Gauteng, has inspired a burst of soul-searching in the ruling party.

DA, EFF win over disgruntled Cope voters in N Cape

The DA and new kid on the block, the EFF, have together absorbed almost the same number of votes as Cope has lost in the Northern Cape.

A Spoilt Vote Party could clinch six seats or more

Spoilt ballots in the past two elections have outnumbered the votes garnered by most minority parties.

Elections 2014: Gauteng, know your province

It's the country's economic hub and home to about a quarter of its voters. The M&G looks at who the people in the powerhouse province vote for.

Research shows sharp increase in service delivery protests

Research from UJ says there's been a sharp rise in the number of people killed in service delivery protests in the last decade.

Born-frees’ lukewarm response to voting follows a global trend

At least two million 18-to-19 year olds will be eligible to vote for the first time and only Twenty-three percent of them have registered.

Khutsong is plagued by drugs and violence

Khutsong residents say they are at the mercy of gang members who control the streets, high on drugs.

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