Laura Grant

HIV prevention should be like fast food. This data shows why

KwaZulu-Natal’s state facilities are in the lead when it comes to stocking HIV prevention medicines — 97% of them do — and the Western Cape is the only province where men use HIV prevention medicine more than women

It’s your last shot at the Pfizer vaccine before the roll-out changes

Just under a third of South Africa’s Pfizer vaccines are set to expire by July, so the health department is trying to increase uptake of the doses and donate spare shots

How do we know if SA is in a third Covid-19 wave — and could there be a fourth?

A team working with the country’s Covid ministerial advisory committee uses a formula to keep tabs on the rise of infections. Here’s how it works

This map tells you which districts have the country’s highest c-section rates

Some districts report Caesarean rates of 40%, which is much higher than the 26% national average for public hospitals.

A changing birth: What’s behind SA’s skyrocketing c-section rates?

Almost one in four babies born at public hospitals come into the world via c-section but is it costing some women their lives?

Suspended officials are bleeding SA dry

Government departments have spent nearly R65-million in the past year on the salaries of 772 suspended employees.

Africa: The not-so-happy continent

The 2015 World Happiness Report has been published, and South Africa doesn't even make it into the the top 10 countries in Africa.

Men get lion’s share of income

South Africa's gender wage gap is among the world's worst, with women earning a third less on average than men.

Luanda tops Africa’s high rent list

Oil has driven up the price of office and residential space in the continent's commercial cities.

SA’s richest people live … where?

There are some big surprises in the most recent tax statistics, but there's no escaping the endemic disparities in income everywhere.

Sona 2015: The walk falls short of the talk

We looked at the data to see if Zuma had lived up to promises he made in the seven speeches leading up to this year's State of the Nation address.

Infographic: The medium-term budget at a glance

Economic growth is slower than expected, government debt is rising. Here’s what the new finance minister plans to do about it.

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