Laura López González

South Africa at the start of a Covid-19 vaccine the world has never seen

The World Health Organisation has enlisted a team of South African researchers to produce a new mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, but with no recipe to follow, it’s not an easy task

The convenient myth of an Africa spared from Covid-19

There are few, if any, studies to support Pfizer chief executive’s assertion that the global south would be more vaccine-hesitant than the north

Unvaccinated, untreated: Africa may not get its fair share of Covid-19 drugs

Only 18 countries are using dexamethasone, while tocilizumab and sarilumab can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a dose

Hospital fire leaves South African cancer patients in the cold

When one of the country’s biggest public cancer treatment centres fell victim to fire and left more than a thousand patients waiting for treatment, an uncomfortable truth rose from the ashes.

Zambia faces birth control shortages after UK slashes UN funding

The United Nations Population Fund is the world’s largest provider of contraception to poor countries. The UK’s cuts to the agency are almost three times more severe than anything imposed previously by the Trump administration

Africa could produce a Covid-19 vaccine sooner than you think

In mere months, Moderna transformed an old Polaroid factory in America into a state-of-the-art vaccine-production centre. Why can’t we do the same?

South Africa pauses Covid-19 vaccine rollout after disappointing AstraZeneca results

SA’s one-million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will expire by early April — unless India’s Serum Institute can safely extend their use-by date.

Egypt, Seychelles get first jabs

The two countries have rolled out China’s Sinopharm vaccine, but data issues are likely to keep some countries from doing the same

Six injections a year could stop new HIV infections

New research from seven countries in Africa signals the future of HIV prevention — but what can it learn from its past?

Wheeling and dealing for a Covid-19 vaccine

A Covid-19 jab could cost hundreds of rands. Or not. It’s anyone’s guess. Could another pandemic almost a century ago hold clues for handling the coronavirus today?

Will Africa’s best shot at a Covid-19 vaccine be enough?

The Covax Initiative is meant to guarantee access to potential vaccines for poorer countries. But rich countries have already bought up more than 4.2-billion doses, and there is no provision to change restrictive patent laws.

South Africa could see 40 000 Covid-19 deaths by November

South Africa won’t have enough hospital beds, intensive care or otherwise, to treat Covid-19 patients, official predictions reveal. But there’s still time to act, say experts

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