Laura Grant

Dispatches: One night with the swim team

Children are learning from a young age what it takes to be a Chad le Clos or a Natalie du Toit - and their parents are learning too.

Dispatches: Sun, sea and city slickers

Locals on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast have attempted to free beach-loving tourists of more than just urban tension and winter baggage.

Ten ways green can set you free

<b>Fiona Macleod</b> and <b>Laura Grant</b> explain that energy efficient needn't cost a fortune.

From social to silence, everybody is catered for

When you are childless you don't want to hang out with families, particularly those with noisy children in hyper-drive brandishing melting ice creams.

Plan now before taps run dry

Ask people where water comes from and they're likely to answer: "a tap".

Going green can put you in the black

Cost is a big wake-up call, which is why the green revolution is starting to make financial sense.

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