Lauren Clifford-Holmes

Most viewed M&G multimedia of 2010

The most viewed <em>Mail and Guardian</em> multimedia of 2010, from the hilarity of the dancing striker to our exclusive series on refugees.

No end to Silva streak

Though he stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan, the show is not over for João Silva.

Change springs from deep in the past

Photographer Araminta de Clermont captures the profound transformation of young men after initiation, writes <b>Lauren Clifford-Holmes</b>.

Full circle in the city centre

Marc Shoul gives <strong>Lauren Clifford-Holmes</strong> the lowdown on the creative process behind Flatlands.

Mthethwa’s balancing act

<em>Lauren Clifford-Holmes</em> speaks to artist Zwelethu Mthethwa about the difficulty of portraying poverty in photography.

The fibre of reality

Lauren Clifford-Holmes speaks to the artists behind an evocative photographic exhibition that celebrates the darker side of the human spirit.

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