Laurence Caromba

Downton Abbey: The soap opera for toffs is back

Upstairs-downstairs drama series Downton Abbey returns with its lowbrow plot and highbrow style.

Dumber Dome is Lost in translation

<em>Under the Dome</em> is a new series with a premise that is simultaneously goofy and intriguing.

Aliens are trolling the history books

"Ancient Aliens" is a stupid and unconvincing show, but it’s also strangely riveting.

Enlightened: HBO cans the laughter

The normally tolerant cable channel has canned a quirky comedy for being too sad to be funny.

‘Girls’: Little to like in this show that we love

"Girls" is the type of series that many may not like, but most will still watch for its social commentary.

Da Vinci’s Demons: Bad in a rather special way

The series is so incapable of subtlety that it destroys any semblance of immersion.

British spy drama haunted by cold beauty

Hunted, even more so than The X-Files, is a series that is not afraid to make cognitive demands on its audience

Lots of BBC drama in store

Part of the joy of British television is its willingness to be low-key.

Revolution’s on the cards

Releasing a $100-million series, exclusively available online, sounded like a crazy idea, but it seems to be paying off.

An extraordinary family spies out the land

The Americans is a new spy drama that puts a novel twist on the genre.

A case of Holmes lite

Fans of the great British detective shouldn't bother with the latest American series. It's quite elementary.

No more Mr Nice Guy

Boss, which begins on M-Net Series at the end of this month, was one of the most surprising shows on television when it premiered in the US last year.

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