Laurence Caromba

Remember Lesotho?

Rural life – its joy, its sorrow, its contradiction – finds new expression in a poignant tale of the kingdom.

The politics of ‘Game of Thrones’ season four

Beneath the veneer of dragons, incest and glamour, the new season of "Game of Thrones" conveys a vision of how politics works.

‘Doccie’ achieves its mission

It’s not in the same league as Gravity but the plot pulls you in and the audience gets to feel what space travel is like.

Hägar was horrible

A hard look at the Vikings dispels the stereotypes and reveals very little that appeals to us today.

Studios with a licence to sequel

The financial risk of ?movies has become so high, the industry has ?resorted to serialising, with dire consequences.

‘True Detective’ looks at our darker nature

"True Detective," starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, may just be this year's best new series.

Think outside the boring TV box

Great non-American TV shows and the advent of streaming services mean there is no reason to stick to what you know.

TV : Take the rough with the sleuth

James Spader's comic-book supervillain saves this television series from being just another procedural crime drama.

Row, row, row on boats, bickering on screen

Below Deck, a new series starting on M-Net Series Reality.

The 1980s want their cops back

King & Maxwell is so ?old-fashioned it proves how the rest of the genre has progressed.

Geek out on nerdish ?reality show

Contestants grapple with ridiculously demanding tasks — like shooting down a missile in mid-air.

Zombie TV series finally comes alive

The Walking Dead has always felt like a TV series that couldn't quite live up to its potential.

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