Lee Mwiti

People perceive risk in Africa as greater than it actually is

The perception of the risks surrounding Africa are much lower than people think

Africa’s energy poverty: a complex yet simple equation

Millions are without power, placing strain on the ability to grow economies

Does the WEF deliver on its promises?

Its ability to focus the narrative is unrivaled

Tight race for AfDB president draws to a vote

The contest for the presidency of the African Development Bank could rival the drama of the 1995 election that saw a stalemate.

Kenya’s terror pain — between a rock and a hard place

As students hold vigils for those who died at Garissa, the attack brings to light the failings of the Kenyan government in dealing with terrorism.

Science, technology and innovation in Africa: not always rosy, but it is about to be

Africa accounts for less than 1% of the world's research output despite having 12% of its population

Little is black and white about Islam

When we commemorate the Westgate massacre in Nairobi, Kenya, we must not conflate the religion with extremism.

Tragic lesson of the Oscar Pistorius trial

The African sense of kinship is more forgiving, but also very insular, writes Lee Mwiti.

China’s designs on Africa in dispute

Beijing’s relations with countries in Africa are riddled with lies and truths and everything in between. Separating myth from fact is not easy.

Ebola sparks alacrity in torpid states

The virus has forced otherwise lethargic African governments to act quickly and effectively.

Billions promised to Africa – here’s how it would be spent

Summit season comes with degrees of "equal partnership" talk, but despite this the headlines are usually around promised money.

Dynasties built on the foundation of Western education

Nearly all African leaders who are beneficiaries of dynasty politics have been educated abroad.

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