Lee Mwiti

Do 1 in 5 Nigerian adults really suffer from long-term depression?

Why the World Bank may have peddled some dodgy facts about this mental health condition.

Move over China, India may be Africa’s new mining frontier

India is booming at a time when the rest of the developing world is struggling, which may offer a ray of hope for African miners

African mining: Hang on tight

With the commodity price downturn, mining companies have been forced to make adjustments accordingly

So who is not ‘dying’ in African mining? The answer may surprise you

It would be easy to say minerals have taken a hammering, but some are proving to be bulletproof.

China, India and Japan court Africa at the mining table

A tale of three Asian countries and their quest to gain a stake in the natural riches of the continent.

Terror threatens Africa’s growth

The diversion of scarce resources and increasing militarisation could derail the democratic project.

Africa’s ‘go-to’ leader Macky Sall tells it like it is

Senegal’s president, Macky Sall, has what it takes to be considered the serious face of the continent.

China frees its currency – Which African nations have the most to fear?

Beijing says its move on the yuan is all about its own economy. But if you live in Africa, you might want to buckle up.

Kenya and Ethiopia: Cogs in Obama’s grand Africa plan

It goes against conventional thinking, but an imperceptible shift in US foreign policy could cement Obama's legacy. The clue? Follow the money.

?Seeing the fizz in the WEF

MGAfrica.com deputy editor Lee Mwiti caught up with Coca-Cola’s president for EuroAsia and Africa, Nathan Kalumbu, at the World Economic Forum

Every investor is training their sights on Africa

Mail & Guardian Africa’s Lee Mwiti caught up with Nthabiseng Dube, ABB's government relations director: Southern Africa

?People call me Mr Infrastructure

The outgoing president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) spoke down with MGAfrica.com deputy editor Lee Mwiti at the World Economic Forum

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