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Japan’s Kan under pressure after party falters in polls

Unpopular Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan faces fresh pressure to quit after his ruling party's losses in local elections on Sunday.

Calls grow for Japan PM to quit in wake of quake

Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan was called on to quit over his handling of the country's natural calamities and a nuclear crisis on Thursday.

Japan works to avert nuclear-plant meltdown

Japanese military helicopters dumped water on an overheating nuclear plant on Thursday while the United States expressed growing alarm.

Japan quake toll set to exceed 1 000, world offers help

A devastating tsunami triggered by the biggest earthquake on record in Japan on Friday looked set to kill at least 1 000 people.

China suspends contacts as Japan boat row deepens

China suspended high-level exchanges with Japan on Sunday and promised countermeasures after a court extended the detention of a Chinese captain.

Japan may suffer second ‘Lost Generation’

Student Hiroki was keen to graduate last month and start his first full-time job, but despite applying to 40 firms, nary an offer was in sight.

Japan votes in election, opposition tipped to win

Japanese began voting in an election on Sunday that looks set to topple the conservative party, handing the opposition the job of reviving the econom

More aid needed for struggling Pakistan

Pakistan will need more aid from world donors as it battles militants and tries to repair its economy, US special envoy Richard Holbrooke said.

North Korea launches rocket over Japan

North Korea launched a long-range rocket over Japan on Sunday, drawing swift international condemnation and triggering an emergency meeting of the UN.

Japan to rescue troubled companies

Japan plans to use public money to help the companies hardest hit by the global financial crisis.

Prospects dim for G8 climate change deal

Prospects that the G8 would reach an agreement to how to fight global warming at their summit dimmed on Sunday as leaders began arriving in Japan.

G8 could see climate deal, but substance in doubt

Group of Eight (G8) leaders could well cobble together some agreement next week on goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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