Luke Alfred

There’s Magic in soul and self-belief

Pitted against elite Platinum Stars, George Dearnaley believes his amateurs can repeat what he did in 1992.

‘Little Mogadishu’ back in full swing

Vibrancy has returned to Mayfair's Somali community after the spaza shop lootings and with it, dreams of football glory.

Pigeon racing: The fast and the featheriest

Rich and poor pit their pigeons, with names like Justin Bieber, Usain Bolt and Olympic Wonder, against each other in a lucrative but tough 600km race.

Pirates who bowled over Babylon

Forty years ago, West Indies cricket and reggae music launched a dual assault on the citadels of the West.

Names that will put you ahead of the fame

With a packed sports calendar for 2015, Luke Alfred picks out 15 South African sports stars to watch.

Why axe fell on 1959 cricket tour

A collection of cricket artefacts in Fordsburg proves Frank Worrell's nonracial credentials.

Stage set for match-fixing farce

Fifa and the South African authorities have shown little interest in confronting a scandal that weighs on Bafana's image.

‘Windgat mannetjie’ lets off steam

Young talent Theunis de Bruyn has plenty of people talking – and he is not shy to do some straight talking himself.

One day at the Wanderers

Attendances at domestic matches are depressingly low, despite offering great value-for-money entertainment.

Youth can reignite Eastern Cape rugby

With the seniors tumbling, the striplings may turn the tide of the provincial and national sides.

Queer sport comes out of left field

Stigma still discourages gay athletes from being open about their sexuality, but pride is on the rise.

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