Luke Alfred

Safa’s dirty war about to get ugly

The executive's sea of troubles include an unsolved match-fixing controversy and a power struggle, while football slowly sinks.

IPL: Tough lessons in a test for the ages

The staged battles of the Indian Premier League 6 haven't been between franchises but between generations, fraternal rivalries played across age.

Keith Miller’s ode to a Mann out of time

A meandering letter from a gallant misfit to the widow of a quietly devastating rival reveals a bond founded in war, and confirmed in cricket.

Ntikinca keeps wry eye on the ball

For more than 40 years a club cricketer par excellence, Edmund Ntikinca still displays a canny take on life.

Salute the crying Olympic Games

The London Olympic Games have squeezed out every drop of emotion from the athletes, coaches and viewers, writes Luke Alfred.

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